Electronic Medical Record

ShrinkRapt's electronic medical record stores complete patient information including visit history, visit notes, treatment plans and medications. Alerts can be set to help you pay attention to the needs of your patients. 

Patient Billing

Patient statement can be printed on plain paper, pre-printed statements, or as an electronic file that can be emailed to patients.  

​The statement information can be formatted to include different practice information and payment details.  


Patient billing, insurance claims (paper and electronic), notes and scheduling,  ShrinkRapt does it all, without monthly fees saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  Your purchase can be customized so you only pay for the features you need.  After you purchase, you always have access to your information because you own a software license, unlike online programs, where you loose access to your information if you stop paying the monthly fee. Learn about purchase options >>>

ShrinkRapt Billing And Insurance Software

EMR and Billing Software For Therapists and MD's

Reports and Tracking

ShrinkRapt offers management reports to track insurance payments, patient balances, authorizations, referral sources and custom reporting capabilities. 

Electronic Medical Record, Patient Billing, Insurance Claims, Notes.  No annual or monthly fees.

CMS 1500 Form

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Paper Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can be printed on paper using the CMS 1500 form or submitted electronically.    

Electronic Claims

For electronic claims, ShrinkRapt prepares a print image file that can be submitted to a claims clearinghouse of your choice.  Some clearinghouses offer free claim processing while others charge a fee.​ Learn More>>>