ShrinkRapt Billing And Insurance Software

EMR and Billing Software For Therapists and MD's

Is ShrinkRapt in the cloud?  No, your patient data is stored on your computer but you can add cloud mobility by using a service such as iCloud to sync data.  In other words, when using iCloud or a similar service, the information you enter in ShrinkRapt at one location will automatically update at your other locations.


Where is my ShrinkRapt Data stored?  Your patient data is stored on your local hard drive.  To locate the exact path to your data file look on About ShrinkRapt.


Do I always have access to the Software?  Yes, unlike web based software, ShrinkRapt is installed on your computer and your data is stored on your computer.  With web based software you will loose access to your historical information if you stop paying the monthly fee.  With ShrinkRapt you purchase a software license that allow you to use the software for an unlimited amount of time without paying annual or monthly fees.


Does Saner Software charge for technical support? No, technical support is free.  All support is provided by email and we answer emails through the day.  Be sure to check out the support resources, including video tutorials, under the support tab.


How long has Saner Software been in business?  Saner Software Inc started in 1989, almost 30 years ago.


Can I file insurance claims electronically?  Yes, ShrinkRapt creates a print image file that can be sent to the clearinghouse of your choice.  The clearing house we recommend is Claim.MD.  When using Claim.MD you will be able to import ERAs directly into ShrinkRapt.


Do you have upgrades?  Yes, ShrinkRapt is keep up to date with current with computer operating systems and insurance requirements.   Minor updates and fixes are available for free.  Like our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news about updates.  There is a charge for major upgrades that add features but these upgrades are always optional.


Do I have to upgrade?  No, Saner Software never requires you to upgrade.   Tech support is free even if you are not using the most current version.  As we add features and release new versions we will notify you and you decide if you want to upgrade.









ShrinkRapt™ Frequently Asked Questions