ShrinkRapt Billing And Insurance Software

EMR and Billing Software For Therapists and MD's

Step 1 - Download, Install and Open

Click the People Button Icon in the Bill Area located in the upper left hand corner of the patient list to display the billing statement list.  Now we can start working with the list.  (Later we discuss how to print a single statement from the patient list.)

Now it's time to enter information about you and your practice.  This practice and practitioner information is used to prepare billing statements and insurance claims.  You will be prompted to enter this information when you install and  open ShrinkRapt for the first time.

1.  Enter information about you the practitioner.

2.  Enter information about your practice.

This video provides step by step instructions and examples of where the information you enter now will appear on statements and claims.  You will be able to modify the information any time you need to do so.

You and Your Practice ​

Tip - Hold the cursor over an area to display help tips that explain what to enter and/or how ShrinkRapt uses the information for statements and claims.

​More Info

Step 4 - Add A Visit

Step 5 - Print A Statement

The Patient List should now appear on your screen as shown below except there will be no patients listed..  To add a Patient, click the Patient button in the Add area on the left hand side of the window.  

This video provides step by step instructions for adding a patient record.
 Adding A Patient Record

Step 6 - Prepare An Insurance Claim

Step 2 - Enter Your Practice Information

Step 3 - Add A Patient

When you purchased ShrinkRapt you received an email with links to download the ShrinkRapt program and a data file (current users purchasing an upgrade do not download the data file).

1.  Click on the Download Mac or Download Windows button to start downloading the software.

2.  Click the Startup Data file button to download your startup data file.

These two videos provide step by step instructions for how to install and open ShrinkRapt.

                                         Installing On Mac                              Installing on Windows

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