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ShrinkRapt™ Explore - Only 99 cents  Buy Now

This is a good choice when starting a new therapy or medical practice.  With ShrinkRapt Explore you are able to bill and file insurance for up to 50 patients.  All the tools you need to look professional and generate cash flow by in a timely manner are at your finger times.  Sending patient statements and filing insurance claims using the CMS 1500 form is fast and easy.  You get all this for only 99 cents and without any monthly fees.  When your practice grows, you can seamlessly expand to an unlimited number of patients and choose the next level of program that is best suited for you practice.

This version is also a great way to give ShrinkRapt a test drive when switching from another billing program.  Learn How To Import Patient Records >>>

Patient Billing - $299   Buy Now
With this option you can keep a complete electronic medical record and bill patients for services.  Visit notes with treatment plans and scheduling can be added at anytime for $100 each.

Billing and Insurance - $399  Buy Now

The billing and insurance version adds insurance claims and tracking.  Claims can be printed on the CMS 1500 paper form or submitted to an electronic claims clearing house.  For electronic claims ShrinkRapt prepares a print image file that can be submitted to the clearinghouse of your choice.  Visit notes with treatment plans and scheduling can be added at anytime for $100 each.

ShrinkRapt Complete - $485   Buy Now
This is the complete ShrinkRapt program with all the bells and whistles.  If you want electronic medical records, billing, insurance, scheduling and notes, this is the choice for you.  

Simple Medical Billing Software For Therapists and MD's

ShrinkRapt Billing And Insurance Software